ILO recognizes Yalda Bari

International Labor Organization Recognizes SearchPath Franchisee

As Americans living halfway around the world, most of us having not been there, watching the news of a nation in conflict what do we really know about life in Afghanistan? In the context of these memories you might be relieved to learn that, though the landscape and culture are different, and the possible eruption of gun fire is still a part of life. Many of the familiar things we see and experience here, are there also. Despite what you may have heard (or not heard in the news) business is booming, and like here, women more and more often leading the way. One such women is, SearchPath franchisee, Yalda Bari.

Yalda has been recognized by the International Labor Organization as both an outstanding entrepreneur as well as a trainer of other entrepreneurs. Yalda has built a thriving business in the middle of one of the worst possible environments. A country in on again, off again conflict with a culture that traditionally excludes women from work in the commercial sense.

One of over 15 million members globally Yalda came to SIYB (Start and Improve Your Business) training in 2017, interested in starting her own business. As an economics graduate and with the support of her family, she was identified by the ILO as a potential SIYB trainer. After becoming certified, she soon realized, that to be a better trainer, she too should experience running her own business. While there, SIYB instilled in her the belief that it was possible. That a woman can do it, and that woman could be her! Yalda affirms, "SIYB guided me to do it easily and perfectly".

With new skills in communication, she has become more assertive in negotiations for accessing and leveraging resources for her business. This together with developing a business plan, allowed her to seize an opportunity to acquire a Search Path® franchise, Bari Search Path in Mazar-e-Sharif.

Each SearchPath office world-wide is unique. In that it takes on a specific niche market or field, and now working class, often overlooked by the rest of the search industry and mastering it, becoming the experts of that niche. Her business tackles the challenges of skills development and job placement in Afghanistan. Yalda’s primary interest, assisting women to enter the business environment. This has proven beneficial not only for those women finding their wings in the business world, but for herself as well.

Yalda's business is growing quickly. She now employs 3 full-time staff (2 women and 1 man) and 25 people working part-time. She now sees herself as someone who will not simply accept that 'things must be done as they have always been done'. She aims to be a role model for herself and other women in Afghanistan and dreams of expanding her business and empowering other young women and men.

All of us in SearchPath are proud of what she and the other franchisees in Afghanistan have done and look forward to supporting them in their future accomplishments.