Kevin "Elvis" Vaughn

Kevin "Elvis" Vaughn

Talent Search Director
Motorcycle Industry

I am proud to have been a part of the Harley-Davidson dealer network for more than 12 years. I am even prouder of our, ACTION's, accomplishments these past 12 months. In just one year, Jan and I have experienced a nearly 400% increase in the number of job openings and we are catering to segments of our market that we own completely.

About Me

Lifelong motorcycle and powersports enthusiast. US Air Force and Law Enforcement Officer Veteran. For recreation I enjoy backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, and travel.

My Education

Community College of the Air Force: Tactical Aircraft Maintenance
Eastern Gateway Community College: Business Administration

My Experience

Recently, we have had placements that slotted into jobs that weren't open or, in some instances, weren't even a position. We identified candidates that we knew would be great additions to thriving organizations and submitted them quasi-blindly and with great results. Our willingness to adapt and the speed at which we can change is unparallel. Our agility is our greatest strength, followed by our flexibility. We are customer centric, providing services that go above and beyond our competitors.