Linda Gilbert

Linda Gilbert


We are Canada’s Premier International Search Firm specializing in Software/Technology, Telecom, Medical and Business Services focusing on Sales and Senior Level Management Positions. With over 25 years of experience, it’s our dedication and proprietary process that allow us to not only uncover great candidates and leverage our deeply rooted network, but also to deliver the very best talent in a highly competitive marketplace.

We are constantly mapping the environment and so we know it better. We look further than a functional profile or an assignment. Often an organization is tempted to move quickly, overlooking a proper analysis. We analyse and work closely with an organization and consider their requirements for the future. That helps us determine if they have the right people on board to go and accomplish that goal Overall, we bring a sense of calm to organizations.

Technology strengthens what we do by providing us with more data and objectivity. But emotion, gut feeling and intuition remain most important. That is our value.

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About Linda

Linda is a big supporter of her two children and husband, she consistently rallies for a warmer climate while maintaining a smile and is secretly planning retirement at a beach side villa somewhere in the sunny south.

Linda's Experience

Linda has been an intricate part of recruiting for more than 15years in north Toronto. She believes it is not easy to judge if someone can do a certain job, in just one or two hours. We speak with many people on that level on a daily basis, and we have a depth of insights. This is the added value that our search has over just recruitment.