Nick Swetye

Nick Swetye

Search Director

Nick Swetye, Search Director with Reneris, worked in the nonprofit industry for 16 years in roles from executive director to carpenter. His time in Brazil as a foreign exchange student opened his eyes to a broader world, often in conflict, but filled with amazing potential realized through compassion and adaptability.

Following his graduations from Hiram College in 2004 and Georgia College in 2006 with a BA in Philosophy and an MFA in Writing, Nick began his career by co-founding a non-profit organization focused on agriculture and resilient community-building called the Green Triangle. This opened many doors for him into the nonprofit industry, where he went on to work for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Earth Day Coalition, and finally, The New Agrarian Center where his leadership efforts in food justice and restoration agriculture gained national recognition.

About Nick

Nick remains deeply involved in the local food and sustainable farming community as an advocate and advisor, and he has brought his understanding of operations, leadership development, fundraising, nonprofit law, HR, finance, and construction into the work of executive recruiting.

Nick's education

BA Philosphy Hiram College

MFA Georgia College

Outside of Work

Outside of work, Nick is an avid amateur historian, anthropologist and astronomer, a pretty mean chess player, and still has a wicked cross-court forehand.