Susan Clevenger

Susan Clevenger

Managing Director
SearchPath - The Clevenger Group

The Clevenger Group is dedicated to providing results-oriented services to build-industry clients. Our services focus on executive search consulting.
We are earth science, civil engineering and executive search consultants providing recruiting services to build-industry clients.

About Me

I have a zest for life, and I love going the extra mile for my clients and candidates. I am curious by nature and will dig deep to explore anything below the surface. Married to a Geologist and my business partner, I have a passion for collecting crystals and precious stones from around the world. I purposely look for those unique gems in every person and situation. No stone will be left unturned when I meet with you.

My Education

I have a degree in LIFE. I bring many years of real-life experience. In my previous career I was a security investigator searching for the bad guys to solve crimes. I transitioned from criminal investigations to the staffing industry where I search for people where I can make a positive difference by placing them in rewarding careers.

My Experience

I am a seasoned Senior Recruiter with many years of experience placing mid to senior level candidates across the nation. I love the thrill of the hunt and approach every search with enthusiasm and commitment. I have been referred to as a “People Whisperer” due to my gentle nature of creating a safe and comfortable environment where people can be transparent without judgement. Whether you are a company or a candidate you will be treated with utmost respect as I act on your behalf as your Trusted Advisor.