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Why Choose the SearchPath Network

Client Centric

No two companies have the exact same needs, from the moment we begin our relationship it becomes all about YOUR needs. We understand and respect proven industry best practices, and marry them with an innovative, client-centric approach that gives you the edge over your competition.

Our Intelligence is not Artificial

Everyone in the SearchPath network KNOWS their niche. Everyday we are in the marketplace talking with industry influencers about what is critical for your growth.

We take industry knowledge and use technology to optimize our Client Centric solutions to address your needs.

Not one and done

Our services to our clients are based on building a long term relationship. In many cases our clients are people that we placed earlier in their career.

We look for the best solutions to your problems and we don't waste your time.

Services we offer

Interim Executive Placement

Sometimes you need someone to fill a short-term gap, which is where Interim Executive Placement can help. A small firm needed a controller, but after discussing their needs with one of our Consultants what they really needed FIRST was a short-term CFO to establish policies and procedures. We got them the right talent for the short term project and then later found them the controller.

At SearchPath, our solutions are based on your needs. One size doesn't fit all.

Executive RPO

Some of our clients are Private Equity firms who have an ongoing need to find executive level talent for their portfolio companies. We also have clients who are expanding their businesses where they need leadership around the global. Our Search Consultants create solutions that are geared to long term relationships.

Contract or Project Placement

Launching a new market or product can take key people out of their core duties, or it could require finding a subject matter expert who knows the market. Integrating a new technology platform can require experts who don't need to be part of your permanent team.

Talking with an Industry expert SearchPath Consultant can help you determine how best to accomplish your goals. With our client-centric approach we will work with you however you need us to.

Business Process Outsourcing

Is it time for your company to look outside for a partner to take on your talent acquisition needs? We can help.

Business Intelligence

There are times where you don't need to hire a person, but to get targeted insights into a marketplace. As Industry Experts, our Consultants are in tune with current issues and trends in their markets. You might need a confidential salary survey or just an issues and trends report for your board, SearchPath is here to help.

Custom Services

Do your talent needs not fall easily into one of the other services described here? Talk to your SearchPath Consultant to create a custom solution that solves your needs.

Let us know how we can help you or your company!