To become a SearchPath franchisee, you have to want to be part of a network of highly passionate professionals committed to exceeding client expectations. You have to be willing to be a student of our industry , be open to coaching and be willing to mentor others along the way. You have to be good people.

One of the key advantages of starting an Executive Search franchise is the affordability associated with it compared to other franchise ownership options. The most basic SearchPath model can be operated with extremely low overhead (home office, computer, phone, internet, etc.). Recognizing that the majority of your initial investment will be in the franchise fee of $64,900, our Franchise Disclosure Document states that the total investment would be between $82,600 and $135,550 depending on which business model you plan to start with. For more information on this, please schedule a call with a member of our team.

Our franchisees undergo a multi-week basic training program. The program is designed to customize the learning experience for both veteran recruiters and those who are embarking on a career in the search industry for the first time. Throughout your relationship with us the are scheduled one on one coaching sessions. There are also group sessions to assist you in achieving your personal production goals and to keep you in the loop with other franchisees working in aligned verticals. As a SearchPath franchisee, you have access to a broad library of content dealing with all aspects of our business. Remember, your long-term success is our long-term success.

We would like to physically meet each one of our prospective partners before they buy a franchise, we understand that this may not always be possible. We use video conferencing to keep that in person feel in our process. Please schedule a visit with us.

Our go to phrase is “Structured but Flexible” Our program is structured but it supports flexibilty as you grow in order to accomplish YOUR life vision.

From the time you commit to purchasing a SearchPath franchise you are part of our team. Our onboarding team will meet with you to go over your goals, help formulate a plan, and then work with you to get the tools you need to execute it. From setting up your email, to helping with your LinkedIn profile, we will help you with whatever needs you have in getting ready for training. Then training begins and you are on your path to success.

We will work closely with you to identify what partners offer the services or products that you need and when the best time to purchase them would be. Our partners have experience working with franchises and understand the limitations and challenges that new business owners can have. We all work as a team to help you hit your goals.

Once again – YOUR plan, Our Platform. Your business may be conducted anywhere you are. You are able to operate from a home office, a traditional brick and mortar facility or anything in between. The beauty of owning your own business with SearchPath just became more attractive.

You will NOT be required to hire employees if you choose not to. If your customized business plan aligns with a model associated with multiple employees, we will assist you in the planning and budgeting so that your vision is able to be executed YOUR way.

Absolutely not. You will have the flexibility to operate your franchise from anywhere in the world or even from multiple locations.

Our franchise network prides itself on a culture of inclusion. We truly believe that one of the largest benefits to joining our platform is the ability to network with other owners to leverage one another’s knowledge and experiences to the benefit of everyone involved. Our owners continue to reap the rewards, financially and otherwise, by relying on one another for additional production opportunities.

We understand that everyone has a unique financial situation. We have valued financial partnerships that we are able to refer you to for advice and guidance. There are various ways to affordably support the upfront and ongoing financial obligation of your dream to own and operate your executive search franchise. Please schedule a call with a member of our team for more information on the financial vehicles that may be available to you.

Our discovery process is designed to give you an in-depth look at what should be expected. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible especially for those that don’t have extensive experience in recruiting to give an accurate depiction of what this profession entails. In the unlikely event that this opportunity turns out not to be as you expected, we will help you along the way to either fix the issue or point you in a direction that might be more suited for what you may be looking for.

While a number of our owners do have dogs, and cats and horses, it is not a requirement. Although they can be very therapeutic.

How Can a Partnership with SearchPath Benefit You?


The time you currently spend working on marketing, branding, accounting, legal, PR, training, etc., you could spend doing what you do best – driving business. SearchPath offers back office support to alleviate the added stress and workload of running your business operations. If you had more hours in the day, how many more placements could you make?


Joining our family gives you access to our network of successful recruiters that can offer expertise, support and, above all, the opportunity for additional production opportunities. Every additional placement made by joining our network increases your ROI.


As an existing search firm owner your needs change and your desires change. Maybe you are ready to build a larger practice. Maybe you are looking for an exit strategy. Being a SearchPath partner can, and will, make those changes easier.


On-going support coupled with regularly scheduled SearchPath training conferences, will ensure that you continue to have all the tools and knowledge to maximize your effectiveness while running your business.


Through our ultra-aggressive referral programs within our franchise network we have found a way to add very substantial recurring revenue streams into the pockets of our franchise owners that no other executive search franchisor can match. These can be used as 2nd and 3rd incomes or as a retirement exit strategy.