SearchPath Advisory Network

To compete with the big industry players, NETWORKING is the name of the game.

We form long term relationships with top performers in the Advisory, Public Accounting, and Private Equity industries. As such, we are likely the first contact point for these candidates when an opportunity at your firm makes sense.

We are:


Client Centric:

Our goal is to add value to your search process. We work at your pace, speak your language, and maintain the upmost integrity throughout the engagement.


Industry Experts:

We have hundreds of in-depth conversations per week with the top industry performers. The firsthand knowledge we accumulate, the expertise we develop, the intricacies we can identify within a particular candidate market; these are what set us apart.



High quality candidates are more valuable today than ever before. The skills gap requires search professionals to work FAST, providing same-day screenings and working past business hours to get the job done. Reducing time to fill on mission critical roles will give you a competitive edge.

Brian Glavin

Managing Director