Megan Durham


Managing Director

As a recruiter, my philosophy is that I cannot make a client hire one of my candidates nor can I make a candidate take a position. My job is to present people with opportunities and guide them through the process. In that respect, I believe in being up-front and honest with both my clients and candidates and providing them with as much information as possible to help them to make the right decision, either for themselves, or for their company.
Passionate Professionals

About Megan

I am an avid reader and enjoy contact sports and strategy games. I have two beautiful daughters and have been married for 14 years.


My Education

Vanderbilt University


My Experience

Megan has been sourcing talent as a recruiter since 2005 and was the first participant in the SearchPath Young Entrepreneurs Program. Having graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2004, she had always had a desire to open her own business and saw the opportunity with SearchPath as a perfect fit. After completing the program with SearchPath, Megan started SearchPath of Columbus in January of 2006. Megan's practice focuses on all aspects of talent acquisition within the pet product, animal health and animal nutrition industries.

“Megan reached out to me about a position within my current industry (toys) via LinkedIn message. I have not had the best experiences with recruiters in the past as they tend to be secretive and end up wasting both of our time. Immediately Megan gave me initial info, and we set up a call to review. The position lined up with my experience, and what I was looking for, so we continued on to the next steps. Here’s where Megan was wildly different. She pitched me as a great fit, prepped me for my interview, and gave me insight into what the company was looking for and any nuances I should be aware of. She sent me a ton of helpful tips and was available if I needed her, but she typically checked in with me before I even got a chance to reach out. After round 1, she helped me with presentation input and kept in contact at every step. We spoke clearly about salary and benefits expectations, and my offer came in right within that range. It didn’t end there; Megan kept in touch in the interim and even helped me with resigning from my current position. The feedback and advice were invaluable and I don’t doubt for a second that Megan was a big part of helping me land the position. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out!”

Lauren Rossi Director of Business Development, Big Potato Games June 30, 2023

“RAWZ had a very good experience working with Megan and Kris from SearchPath, who found us a great marketing teammate.  The search was challenging as we needed both strategic and tactical skill sets as we are a small pet specialty company.  Persistence, patience, and professionalism best echo our takeaways working with Megan and Kris.”

Jim Scott CEO & Founder, RAWZ Natural Pet Food June 30, 2023

“I highly recommend working with Megan whether on the client or candidate side. She recruited me for an amazing career opportunity which led to an offer that I accepted. I was impressed with Megan’s level of communication and in-depth knowledge of the role and organization I was interviewing for. She proved to have a high level of integrity, transparency, and overall genuine interest in ensuring the right fit between me and the organization. Her interview preparation style and materials by far surpassed those of any recruiter I have encountered in the past.” August 5, 2019

Christine Kirby Marketing Manager USA H. von Gimborn Gm July 20, 2022

“Megan was an invaluable resource as a recruiter. She was very good with key details and understanding the needs of the client and the candidate. I felt very comfortable with her and appreciated her honesty and straight-forwardness. I could tell that she genuinely cared about finding the right role for the right candidate. I would recommend anyone that is looking to find a great next step to work with Megan.” July 31, 2019

Marcus Fong Director of Digital Marketing Riviana Foods July 20, 2022

“Megan is one of the smartest most intuitive recruiters I have met. She brought me into a wonderful opportunity and showed me how truly professional she was every step of the way. She checks in and and always lets you know she's involved. She is a consummate professional. It truly was a pleasure working with her.” November 10, 2017

Lori Fields E-Commerce Consultant Central Garden & Pet July 20, 2022

“I recently worked with Megan on a critical and confidential position within my company that would have been very difficult for us to fill on our own. We had very specific criteria and Megan took the time to truly understand our company and our needs in order to find us the best possible fit. Through Megan’s efforts, we were able to hire an exceptional candidate and we were very pleased with the entire process. Megan is a true professional who understands the pet industry and I would highly recommend her for any company looking to fill critical, high-level positions within their company. In fact, I have been so pleased with her efforts that I have decided to pay her double her fee and to use her services for all future hires within my company.” December 6, 2018

M. Baumgärtner CEO H. von Gimborn GmbH July 20, 2022

“What a fantastic experience has been to work on a career opportunity for me with Megan for the past several months! She has been OUTSTANDING on getting to know me as a talent for a career move. Her level of understanding of the career opportunity available, as well as, the time dedicated to get to know me were impressive! I enjoyed the process the same way I felt challenged which made it more appealing and exciting of what future is a head in my career!” January 6, 2019

Jorge Abud Vice President of Business Development – North America H. von Gimborn GmbH July 20, 2022

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