Lauren Rossi

“Megan reached out to me about a position within my current industry (toys) via LinkedIn message. I have not had the best experiences with recruiters in the past as they tend to be secretive and end up wasting both of our time. Immediately Megan gave me initial info, and we set up a call to review. The position lined up with my experience, and what I was looking for, so we continued on to the next steps. Here’s where Megan was wildly different. She pitched me as a great fit, prepped me for my interview, and gave me insight into what the company was looking for and any nuances I should be aware of. She sent me a ton of helpful tips and was available if I needed her, but she typically checked in with me before I even got a chance to reach out. After round 1, she helped me with presentation input and kept in contact at every step. We spoke clearly about salary and benefits expectations, and my offer came in right within that range. It didn’t end there; Megan kept in touch in the interim and even helped me with resigning from my current position. The feedback and advice were invaluable and I don’t doubt for a second that Megan was a big part of helping me land the position. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out!”