Michael Grudecki

In these trying times, when budgets continue to shrink due to the instability of the economic climate and employees are struggling to juggle more responsibilities than ever before, I am happy our company chose to outsource our recruiting efforts to Marc Sennett. At first glance, I was worried about the costs involved with using a recruiting service, but once I did the math, my choice became very simple. When you consider all the time and resources required in the interviewing/hiring process, how could we go wrong? In addition, I have read studies showing that the average miss hire is triple that of the associate’s base salary by the time you factor in all of the time, efforts and resources, and lost productivity that goes into a new candidate. The candidates Marc provided are working well and I look forward to many more additions to be provided by him in the upcoming months! Thank you again for all that you have done to assist Unified Barcode & RFID with our Recruitment of Account Executives